Qmail-SPP - local user check script

This SPP-Plugin checks for existence of the recipient as local user on the current host.

It is usable for all those qmail installations without vpopmail. The script is based on my vpopmail_check_user.sh script that is originally based on a script of Perolo Silantico, originally found on http://perolo.vantage.at/qmail-spp/qmail-spp.plugin.vpopmail_check_recipient.html, but link is not available any more.

This version integrates also ezmlm-commands like "listname-subscribe" and respects various .qmail-extension files in the corresponding homedirs.


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  • check for .qmail-default in $HOMEPATH (catchall). I know catchall is very stupid while trying to avoid spam, but sometimes it is still there
  • check for .qmail-ezmlmlist-command for use with ezmlm, e.g. Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!
  • check for .qmail-extensions, e.g. $HOMEPATH/$USER/.qmail-ext, I know they should not be possible where vqadmin/qmailadmin is used, but who knows...
  • checks if the needed tools are executable and suid and guid
  • changes to lower letters and . to : to allow Surname.NAME@domain with .qmail-surname:name@domain

Known Problems:

  • only supports local domains. if your host is secondary mx for some domains, don't use this script

Download lates version: local_check_recipient.sh